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Limited CR7 Mercurial V Vitorias-Sports Kicks

Even though many of you already have Nike Mercurial Superfly V in you collections, this is still a relatively young model, released less than six months ago. It crossed our minds that maybe it’s time for a limited edition and suddenly we realised, that there was one already. It was made in collaboration with EA SPORTS to celebrate their most recent game, FIFA 17 and it was certainly one of the most beautiful compositions released for this model (and one of the rarest ones too). But it seems that the first few months of the boot’s existence are filled with such treats, because Nike has just presented another special edition (or rather announced it).

When it comes to special editions made for famous footballers, there is nobody more likely to be honoured with their own, custom made colour set than Cristiano Ronaldo. It was only recently, when another one of his serial colourways was released and now another one is coming. This one won’t be a “chapter”, but a limited model created to celebrate a very successful year in the player’s career.

The CR7 Mercurial V Football boot will be released at the beginning of 2017 in quantity of only 777 pairs, which makes it one of the rarest collector’s editions and a delight for the craziest cleats-fans, who have just decided how they want to spend their Christmas savings. Perhaps because there are so few of these shoes and it’s not likely, that anyone is going to actually use them on a pitch, Nike has decided to use white Flyknit for the first time – it is going to be nearly impossible to make it clean after a match, but it definitely stands out. The effect is complemented by a gold sole (we wonder, if it’s just covered with additional layer of varnish or is it actually gold) and gold details.

Other elements which make this boot one-of-a-kind are a non-standard sole, “vitorias” inscription on the heel and a unique number, give to each shoe. We are expecting to see it all packed in a special box, but we have to wait for January to know for sure. What’s interesting, Nike has not informed this time, that the shoe will be available only by their app. Perhaps they have finally realised, that it’s not the best strategy and we will be able to at least see a few pairs in shops with our own eyes.

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